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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer our most commonly asked questions regarding AZ Vita Drips and IV therapy. If you don't see your question answered here, please contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions you have.

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Our IVs on average last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. You can most commonly expect to be done in 45 minutes.

The best way to reach us is by calling or texting us directly at (480) 900-9434. You may also reach out to us via DM on Instagram, Facebook, or email us at Another option is to book directly with the link on our website. If you don’t book directly, we will send you our intake form to fill out digitally. This form asks for your address and contact information. and some basic medical information for us to review. This is also where you will sign consent to receive IV therapy from us.

If you are unsure of which blend to select on the intake form, just select any blend. We will be happy to speak with you in advance or when we arrive about the most recommended IV blends for you. We are here to guide you and answer all your questions.

We review your medical health history, allergies, and medications to make sure you are safe to receive a nutrient blend IV from us. We can contact our medical directors at any time if we have questions or concerns.

We are not able to give infusions to children under 14 years old. We also cannot infuse anyone with congestive heart failure, kidney disease, or liver disease. For diabetics, their most recent blood glucose reading determines if they are eligible for an IV. In addition, any client that is outside our vital signs parameters cannot receive an infusion. We also use our clinical judgment to determine if a client is safe to receive an IV from us.

We, as licensed RNs, work under the orders of two ER medical directors, who can be reached at any time. As critical care RNs for over 22 years, we are skilled at aseptic IV placement and management.

We accept credit cards, HSA cards, FSA cards, Venmo, CashApp, and Cash payments after the IV infusion is complete.

IV hydration and nutrients are 95% available to your body and are much more effective at hydrating and nourishing your body than taking water and vitamins by mouth.

Unfortunately, we do not. However, we are cleared by the IRS to accept HSA and FSA cards as we call under the health and wellness umbrella.

Yes, we use aseptic technique just like in the hospital setting. Our supplies are kept in their sterile packaging until we get ready to use them for an IV service. And, we are highly trained Registered Nurses (RN).

Most people notice maximum benefits in about 12 hours but many notice positive changes by the time the IV is finished infusing.

We can provide IV therapy for clients of ages 14-17 with parental consent if the client is 80 lbs or more in weight. Adults ages 18-80 are eligible for IV infusions.

Nothing, except emptying your bladder if you feel you have to go to the bathroom. We want you to be comfortable and we will adapt to our surroundings once we arrive.

No. We retract the needle once we gain access to your vein, We then leave a small plastic catheter in place for the infusion.

We live in South Scottsdale and try to limit our drive times to 30 mins; however, we can make exceptions for special circumstances. We also have 30 RNs/Paramedics working with our parent company, so we can always get someone to you if you are in the Phx Metro. We also have nurses in Payson, Maricopa, and Sedona.

Yes! We love groups and specialize in efficiently getting everyone’s hydration needs done quickly. We also have great group specials.