Scottsdale, Arizona

Mobile IV Therapy Specials

Don't miss out on our amazing limited-time mobile IV therapy specials for all of your IV needs.

Save Money. Stay Healthy.

IV Specials

*Specials only applicable if booked directly through AZ Vita Drips

Group Pricing

Seasonal, group specials, and more!

Groups of 5-9 = 10% off all IVs (not including Hydration IV)
Groups of 10-14 = 15% off all IVs (not including Hydration IV)
Groups of 15-19 = 20% off all IVs (not including Hydration IV)

Groups of 20+ = 25% off all IVs (not including Hydration IV)

Bachelor/ette Parties and Weddings:
Bride/Groom get 20% off
All others are 10% off

Birthday Parties:
Birthday girl/boy gets 20% off
All others are 10% off

Employee Wellness Program:
Employers can help their employees have fewer sick days, achieve optimal work performance, and feel great by gifting them with IV hydration and nutrient therapy. Investing in employees’ health can help improve employee retention and help employees learn more about the importance of disease prevention and overall health. Group or custom pricing will be applied.

We can also develop a package with special rates for groups of 50 or more people.

idripduo memberships

Group & Party Ideas

1. Sip and Drip Party-Those who sip (adult beverages) together, drip together
2. Sip, Dip, and Drip-Sip and drip while you dip your legs in your pool to cool off
3. Get Your Glow On-Ladies’ self-care party with Beauty Blend IVs and a facials
4. Beat the Heat (Summer Hydration Special)-Feel your best fast with IV hydration!
5. The Morning After-Recover from your special event (wedding, Bach party, etc).
6. Employee Wellness Day-Give the gift of health and wellness to your employees.
7. Trip and Drip-Take a trip to visit Scottsdale and get a hydrating, immune-boosting drip in the comfort of your resort/vacation rental.